NOTE: The Maze Game will scroll the web browser window.  It is best played in full screen mode(arrows in the bottom right of the game screen to switch to full screen mode).  Everything else should work just fine in full screen mode as well :)

This game is simply titled "Breathing Exercises" for now

Each game has some basic instructions before entering the game room for that practice and/or game. I will provide a brief rundown below as well.

This Game/Application starts off rather simply. There are several Breathing Exercises within the first area, which will teach you a variety of breathing practices. They will help you control anxiety, panic, and regulate oxygen flow throughout your entire system. Some of the exercises have a randomized animal icon which will expand with your breath, if you breath into the main microphone on your device(if you have one). Try to keep the icon as close to the same size as possible as you exhale :)

Within the second area there are several Breathing Games. Each of these having the same animal icons from the first area. They are timed to train you when you inhale, and exhale. As well as when to hold your lungs full or entirely emptied, at the end of one of the inhalations or exhalations. By either expanding, contracting, or flashing(to notify holding of the breath). These will help practice some of the breathing practices from the first area, along with some others not seen in the first area.

In the third area, there is a simple Endless Runner style game, to help test your mental focus, and dexterity. Simply tap/click the screen to begin, and every tap/click afterwards will make the player icon jump. See how many times you can jump over the spike rotating on the central icon, as it speeds up over time. If you time the jumps just right, you should be able to go on forever, but it takes a lot of practice.

In the fourth area, there is a basic color changing game. Using the left and right, arrow keys on your keyboard. Simply spin the circle at the bottom of the game room, to make the color on the top match the dropping circles. This will also help practice your focus, and dexterity. Remember to breathe :)

Within the fifth area, there is a simple maze game, with some baddies coming after you. Control the main player icon(using the directional arrows in the keyboard), throughout the maze, and collect all the potions. If you can avoid all of the enemies, and collect all the potions the game is won! Congratulations!

The sixth area holds the Credits for this project. I also have them laid out below. Please note, there was a lot more I wanted to add to this project, but just did not have the time to, with everything going on. It still requires a proper title screen.  Mobile Controls still need to be implemented for the Color Changing, and Maze Games. More options for various styles of game play for Color Changing Games, as well as more levels for the Maze Game. Additional art/music/sound resources would be great to add in there as well.  Along with Timers during the breathing exercises/games, and better text throughout the game. 

I was hoping to introduce more information on the benefits of proper breathing during the intro the game.  Also, had planned to animate all of the menus, and use animated timelines for the breathing games within the current version of this application.  But, unfortunately the beta version of the game engine I use, has a few kinks in regards to the timeline editor.  I could not do anything with timelines, without it crashing out.  So had to scrap that idea, and go a different route.  Leaving the menus as they are, and animating the icon for the timed breathing games a different way.

Learned a lot about how to pivot when ideas do not work out as intended, and need to be replaced with different ways of doing things.  Along with how to manage multiple issues, when everything comes crashing down.  There's always 30 different ways to accomplish whatever game play mechanic you are looking for.  I'm my own toughest critic, and have a habit of getting in the way of myself.  Sometimes you need to settle for "Good Enough", rather than "Perfect".  With more time and resources, this could grow and expand to become even better.

Overall I was forced to keep it as simple as possible due to time constraints, and all of the issues encountered along the way. I re-used the art and sound assets to keep the file size small, and the work load minimal. I still have time left to put more into this and be ready for submission time, but honestly I'm a bit burned out and have plans tomorrow. So I am calling it done, as it stands.  Have fun, and enjoy this entry to the 1st  Annual, May Day Mental Health Game Jam :)


Design & Development: Colin Litchfield

Font By:

Music By:

Sound Effects: CC0 Creative Commons License

All Art Assets: &

(I can provide proof of licensing upon request)

NOTE: I was working on my first 3D project to submit for this GameJam, but lost all of my files a week and a half into the project. Then had to start from scratch on this final submission a few times, due to testing beta versions of software, and encountering multiple issues, and crashes.

Completing this project was a test of my own Mental Health, and patience during the process XD. Many long hours, late nights, and early mornings went into what you see now. It's been fun, and I've learned a lot. Now it's time to catch up on sleep :)

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